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Fin Collective / Ed Fladung

$ 120.00

Edmund B. Fladung

Nayarit, Mexico


Single Fin:
Template: Malwitz
Height: 9.5"
Base: 6.5"
Rake: 4.2"
Use: Performance Single Fin or Sitting on Mantel


About the artist:  "I create stuff.  I’ve been doing it my whole life. I’m known for being a curmudgeon Facebook poster. ha. I started a boutique surf brand, Quality Peoples, with my buddy John. I design things and take photos and stuff."


About the design: "This is a t-shirt graphic we ran for QP. I started with an idea of wanting to make a very minimal graphic based on a palm leaf. Mix it with a sunset and done. The photo of the palm leaf comes from a tree in front of one of my favorite mysto surf breaks. It only breaks 2 months a year. When it’s on, you can find me there, in the water or posted up underneath the palm trees hiding from the hot mexican summer sun."


About the process: "In the past, I've just thrown everything at the wall to see what sticks. Lately, I’ve started with an aesthetic in mind, and then I start thinking about forms and how to apply them to the aesthetic. Trying to keep things simple. Simple is hard."