Who We Are

Actually, it started with surfboards.  What began as one shaper’s search for good coffee to help power through long hours and late nights making boards grew into an obsession with all things coffee and the realization that the best stuff is responsibly sourced, delicately roasted in small batches, and freshly brewed with precision.  Kinda like shaping a surfboard, roasting coffee takes heart, craftsmanship, a conscientious approach, even a little creativity. That's the goal: beans that are good in every sense.  It’s the concave of a surfboard that gives it lift, speed, and drive, that makes the ride so fun--we hope our coffee does the same for you. (More about surfboards -> Malwitz Custom Surfboards)

What We Do

From a half-pound backyard gas grill roaster to a Diedrich IR12 here in Philadelphia, we produce single-origins and blends in small, seasonal batches, carefully selected from farms across the globe.  We change things up regularly to really explore the vast range of beans the world has to offer.  It keeps us on our toes and your coffee new, interesting, and of course delicious.